New Kid On The Blog

It’s been years since I created blogging accounts. After numerous attempts of posting something actually relevant and worth-reading, here I am.


Honestly, I don’t think I can religiously update this blog. Neither do I have any idea how to function, much more, survive in the blogger’s world. But I still got to try, right?

There are three main reasons why I decided to finally give this a go:

1. Because I am a frustrated writer, and hopefully this blog will help me improve my writing skills.

2. Because I read waaaaay too much, and I would really love to share my thoughts (and read opinions of others as well) about the books I’ve read.

3. And lastly, because I badly need a medium to release all my incessant rants questions and opinions on random stuff.

So, dear bloggers, (well if anyone will actually visit this and read my posts), I ask nicely of you guys to have patience and understanding towards how unknowledgeable I am about blogging.  Help me improve! Adopt me into your world. LOL

Thank you so much! 😘❤

– JK🐼


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